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Sasuke and Sakura Dialogue
sakura - lets go
sauske - fine but dont faint on me again
sakura - i am stronger than that i will last longer
sauske - yeah right, last time you only lasted for on round
sakura - yeah well i have been practicing
sauske - how did you... know what i dont wanna know how you practiced by yourself
sakura - what do you mean?
sauske - nothing, forget i even said anything...
sakura - ok sauske-kun lets do it now
sauske - ok ready?
sakura - yeah i am ready
sauske - here i come
sakura - no your coming too hard, its no fair your stronger than me
sauske - thought you said you been practicing?
sakura - i have but it doesnt mean i turned pro over night...
sauske - baby all i did was throw one little kunai
sakura - you win again sauske, i will never be able to beat you in a throwing contest
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Healing slowly
Blood running deep
in cursed veins
not meant for life
cut a deep slit
open a large hole
let it bleed out
leave nothing left
pain only increasing
maybe other help
tears are better
people lie!
not weaknesses
helping me see
my pain is fixable
i will survive
only small scars
barley visible
tiny reminders
something long past
and finally healed
thank you bastard
one whom made me see
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Winged Heart by dancerjo Winged Heart :icondancerjo:dancerjo 2 0 Trev by dancerjo Trev :icondancerjo:dancerjo 0 2
you dont know it
you never did
you never will
you broke her
killed her
your masked still
you did it
she is forever gone
because of you
i loved her
so much that
i was in pain
she loved you
you never knew it
she couldnt tell you
she asked so
i left her for you
and you break her
i should kill you
tear your heart out
break your bones
i cant because of her
i still love her
she asked me not to
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BallsEye by dancerjo BallsEye :icondancerjo:dancerjo 0 0 Stick Figure Sex2 by dancerjo
Mature content
Stick Figure Sex2 :icondancerjo:dancerjo 0 0
Stick Figure Sex1 by dancerjo
Mature content
Stick Figure Sex1 :icondancerjo:dancerjo 0 0
Crocodile by dancerjo Crocodile :icondancerjo:dancerjo 0 0 Kyros Rose by dancerjo Kyros Rose :icondancerjo:dancerjo 2 0 face by dancerjo face :icondancerjo:dancerjo 1 0 doodle with chicken by dancerjo doodle with chicken :icondancerjo:dancerjo 0 0 Kitty Cat by dancerjo Kitty Cat :icondancerjo:dancerjo 0 0 butterflies by dancerjo butterflies :icondancerjo:dancerjo 0 0 Pose by dancerjo Pose :icondancerjo:dancerjo 0 0 Colored face by dancerjo Colored face :icondancerjo:dancerjo 0 0



United States
Current Residence: hell
Favourite genre of music: Metal/Rock
Favourite style of art: Tattoos or Certain Makeup
Wallpaper of choice: Dripping Blood
Skin of choice: Human Flesh
Favourite cartoon character: Bart
Personal Quote: Dark Red Drouplets
I can not tell you very many details... Sunday 8/30 my little car was absolutely crunched... totaled, no more, unrecognizable... its nasty... and I cant not remember all of sunday, the closes i can get is saturday night dinner with the family, as an update on me, my right arm looks shotgun blasted (done by passenger side window) both boobs are colored, one is dark red, and the other all sorts of colors (from seatbelt) i have roughly six or seven staples in my head (idk what from exactly) and i got to spend a long time in the hospital... oh and i can forget that the rest of my body is funny colors from the different severity of bruises everywhere... I have to thank two things to be alive today... 1) a guardian angle and 2) a demon... only one survived, can you guess which? i bet you it aint the one you would think...

now my head hurts and i need to go lay down, i will talk to yall later, if you want text me and whenever i wake again i will reply...
photos are on myspace of all places (only of wreck)
  • Listening to: dad rant and rave
  • Reading: over this and making sure its what i mean to say
  • Watching: dad attempt to use the comp
  • Playing: mind games
  • Eating: cant hurts too much
  • Drinking: water because i r dehydrated...


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AmayaKumikai Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2009
nice art!
dancerjo Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2009
Thank you, though most of it is rather old
AmayaKumikai Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2009
theres nothing wrong with old art expecially wen its good :D and maybe u shud put up new art and it wud be extra cool :D
dancerjo Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2010
yeah i should, i just need to find a new scanner or find the charger to my camera since my newer stuff is too big for scanning...
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FreeMySins Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2009
Thanks for the faaaav :heart:
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Your Welcome
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